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New Releases

[glow] Studio Fedora Hat Black Chic[glow] Studio Fedora Hat Lace[glow] Studio Ttiger Hat Blue
[glow] Studio Ttiger Hat Gold[glow] Studio Ttiger Hat Purple[glow] Studio Tiger Hat Silver

[glow] Studio Aztec bracelet Gold[glow] Studio Egyptian Night Bangle[glow] Studio - Glass earrings[glow] Studio OMG! earrings[ glow ] studio - silver thin bracelets (light)[ glow ] studio - gold daisy drop earrings

[glow] Studio vintage bags[glow] Studio - Seasons Bags- Winter[glow] Studio - Ipanemagirl Bag Black[glow] Studio - Ipanemagirl Bag White[glow] Studio - Seasons Bags- Spring[glow] Studio - Seasons Bags- Summer[glow] Studio - Seasons Bags- Autumn
[glow] Studio - Jolian - Male Shape[glow] Studio - Simon - Male Shape[glow] Studio - ELECTRA shape[glow] Studio - LAYLA shape

More items and new GIFT in main store so check it out >> TAXI



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