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[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection + Gift (part 1)


We are truly happy to announce our Summer 2012 Collection arrived to the Main Store Today. Our Collection is inspired by hot summer days with lots of colors. It’s time to start building up your summer looks and our accessories and jewellery is a perfect fit! We have some super cute earrings, necklaces, accessories and skirts. There are many colors to choose from so be sure to stop by and check them out!


[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection

[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection [glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection

[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection [glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection

[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection
There are some fun and colourful gatcha items for grabs as well ! [glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection


Free Gift for our VIP group Members

[glow] Studio Summer 2012 Collection

Joining the group is not Free, but when you will be shopping in our Main Store (wearing group tag) you will be earning Store Credit that you can spend later and get some items for free! If you purchase something and it doesn’t come, dont worry! You can visit our redelivery terminal at the centre of the Main Store and have any of your past purchases delivered to you instantly! Just click the sign.

As our Store inventory is growing and we’ll be moving items around. Some of our older collections have made their way into the back of the store.

Kisses [ glow ] studio Team

PS. Once you are using a mesh enabled viewer, you will be able to wear mesh and rigged mesh objects. Please try Demo first if its available.

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